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Have your own Moroccan henna experience or give it as a gift

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6282009095_2793513168_zNow that I don’t believe in Santa anymore and can buy stuff for myself my attitude about gifts has shifted. I love handmade gifts or things bought while travelling, but I especially like experiences. There are so many great sites now offering classes and tours, among other things, that are great for gifts. I’ve been shopping around these sites for myself and for other people. Then recently I was contacted by this really cool start-up called SideTour that organizes really cool experiences; they wanted me to do something related to Moroccan henna and I’m excited to tell you about it. You can see more information here: and also sign up for a spot. There are only 8 spots left so don’t miss out on this. If you have always wanted to have henna done this is a great way to do it: you’ll learn about henna, meet other people who share your passion for it and get henna done on you by an expert…me!

By the way, I liked this site so much that I got someone on my list a gift certificate and he said it was the best gift he got all year!

New York City Moor Workshop – October 16th

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At last and thanks to great demand, Nic and I will be doing another Moor Moroccan Henna Master class in NYC.  The class will be on Sunday, October 16th from Noon to 5 pm in Brooklyn, NY.


More info and registration here:

Moroccan henna for mommies

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A fellow henna friend and Moroccan henna enthusiast sent me this photo which I just love,  if only for the blissful smile on the woman’s face.  Women in Morocco will take advantage of any happy occasion to get henna.  In the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy a woman will have her hands and feet hennaed like a bride.  Henna protects mother and child from evil because of its inherent baraka but also the symbols in the henna designs add another layer of protection at this very important transitional time in the lives of both the mother and the baby. The woman in the photo is probably hennaed in celebration of the baby’s naming ceremony; if the henna was from her 7th or 8th month of pregnancy it would surely have faded by the time the child arrived.

I also love the grim look on the face of the older woman which seems to be saying, “oh girl, you’re in for a challenge now!”