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Happy Moor Year!

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Winter is a time of hibernation, of stocking away provisions for the long haul, working on indoor projects and planning for the spring planting.  The same is true for henna and henna artists.  While we wait around for the Moroccan spring crop of henna to be harvested, Nic and I are taking stock, planning projects and looking forward to what will bloom once the weather warms up.

Our baby–our book–was born in June and unlike parents of human babies, our sleepless nights were before the birth, not after.  We have been chilling since the book came out but always discussing where to go next in our devious plan for world domination via Moroccan henna.  In August we taught the first Moor Moroccan Henna Master Class, in Seattle which was a lot of fun for us.  People say that they like it, so I guess it would count as a success!  Our next workshop was in NYC; it was great to teach close to home and share henna and NYC with our students.  We get to meet a lot of new people through our workshop and expand the henna community.

This fall/winter I went for a whirlwind tour of Southeast Asia.  One of my stops was in Singapore to meet my longtime, online friend and fellow henna artist, Jewel.  She organized another Moor workshop for the Singapore artists.  I loved meeting all of them and I think they enjoyed the class.  Meanwhile Nic was in LA teaching his own workshop to the henna peeps there.  Technically speaking we can now say that we are teaching classes worldwide.  We hope to spread our passion for Moroccan henna even more widely in the world. Right now we have some classes coming up in various venues in the US.  We are hoping that we can do classes in Europe and maybe even father afield in the future.  If you and the henna artists in your area would like a workshop taught by me and Nic, please email us or leave a comment.  We’ll let you know how to make that happen.

After every workshop we usually get several participants making roughly the same comment as the following from Katy DeBra, who attended Nic’s lecture in LA:

It’s so clear now, so demystified. I used to painstakingly copy Moroccan designs and now I feel I can create them or alter them on the spot to suit my henna-ee, which is how I usually work, creating something custom on-the-spot.

I experienced the same revelation when I read Nic’s design manual in the book; I thought I knew Moroccan henna and how to do it, but learning how to create them according to certain guidelines was so helpful and, eventually, creatively liberating.  We hope to spread this experience to as many people as possible so that we can all share the joy of doing Moroccan henna.

Nic and I are still researching Moroccan henna and collecting designs wherever we can find them.  We hope that those of you who have joined us on this path are getting lots of practice and hennaing clients with Moroccan designs.  Stay tuned here for future plans and all our new discoveries in the field of Moroccan henna.

Happy moor year to all!


Moor NYC Workshop debrief

Posted in amazigh, art, classes, culture, design, henna, history, moor, the book, morocco, traditions, workshop on October 17, 2010 by kenzilisa

Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon with a workshop hangover, but the kind of hangover where you smile a lot and hope that others are suffering similarly.  What’s on my mind today is something that Nic and I talked about over drinks last night, long after the workshop.  We both noticed that the most common reaction from our workshop participants is a big, flashing lightbulb.  We keep hearing comments along the lines of “oh I get it now!”, “I see how Moroccan designs are created and I feel like I can do it now!”  and “I always thought these designs were impossible but something clicked and I understand them now.”

Yes, this is exactly what a teacher hopes for but it’s rare that one gets this kind of clear feedback. We heard that a lot after our Seattle workshop and we saw evidence that this was true when the workshop participants started playing around with designs and posting them.  Yes, hot damn, they DID get it!  The same comments came out of our NYC workshop as well and we’re waiting with bated breath to see the designs that these lovely people are going to churn out.

We’re totally thrilled to have succeeded, with the few people we have taught so far, in infecting them with our passion for Moroccan henna designs and culture, but also with the confidence and the knowledge that they can whip out awesome Moroccan henna designs without fear.  Nic’s design manual in the book, and also his section of the workshop is worth the price of admission; even though I have sat through it several times and read that section of the book hundreds of times, I would pay to go through it again. Each time I listen I make new discoveries about Moroccan henna that positively impact my work as an artist.

Thanks to all the workshop participants who came yesterday.  Your energy, passion and inquisitiveness really amped up the quality for everyone there.  I hope that you will post your photos and let us know how you are progressing.  Also, please keep us posted on your efforts to spread the good word about Moroccan henna to clients and friends and students.

Moor in NYC

Posted in algeria, amazigh, art, classes, critique, culture, design, henna, history, moor, the book, morocco, traditions, women, workshop on October 11, 2010 by kenzilisa

Nic and I are currently prepping for the NYC Moor workshop and we are very excited to be teaching so close to home.  After our great workshop in Seattle we both realized how important it is to work directly with henna artists and infect them with our passion for Moroccan henna art.  Plus we both really enjoy teaching and meeting artists from all over.  In Seattle it was great to meet old friends but also to meet people we only knew online.  We hope they benefitted from the experience at least half as much as we did.


Consistently we find that experiencing Moroccan henna in person, with demos and practice sessions as well as an extensive question and answer period really opens everyone up to learning.  There seems to be nothing like watching someone henna Moroccan designs to really cement the lessons from the book and the workshop.  In this NYC class we added some time to the class to allow for more demonstration and practice.

We hope everyone who signed up is ready for a Moroccan onslaught, prepared to catch the Moroccan bug for which there is no cure!

For more info or to register please go here.  If you would like to host a Moroccan henna workshop where you live, please contact us for more information.

One more day for early registration for Moor NYC

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Only one day left to get in on the incredible deal on registration for the Moor Moroccan Master Class to be held in NYC on Saturday, October 16, noon – 5 pm + after party. 

On October 1 the price for registration goes up to $75 so get it while it’s cheap! 

Register and read what others are saying about this workshop here.

Moor Moroccan Master Henna Workshop in NYC, October 16, 2010

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Nic and I (aka Kenzi) are teaching a Moroccan henna master class in NYC for the all the Northeast henna artists.

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Noon – 5 pm
Alwan for the Arts, New York City

We’ll be covering Moroccan henna traditions and designs in an in-depth 5-hour master class with live demos and hands-on coaching. This is a rare opportunity to not only learn from two of the premiere experts in Moroccan henna but also a chance to hang with us after (afterparty location to be announced).

The lecture/demo part of the workshop will be about 3-3.5 hours long. Everyone will get handouts of the information presented and we plan to dazzle you with a slideshow of awesome henna photos. There will be a Q&A period afterwards and a lot of hangout time to henna each other and practice what you have learned. Nic and I will be there, walking around and helping out as you practice. We will have henna and applicators, but you can bring your own henna and applicator to play with.

Cost for the workshop will be $60 for early registration (before October 1, 2010), $75 thereafter.  You pay for your spot online here.

See you in NYC!!

Moor Workshop in Seattle was a blast!!

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The very first Moor Moroccan Henna Master Class is behind us and left us with a happy glow.  Nic and I travelled to Seattle for this workshop which was held on August 21st as part of the Artful Henna exhibit organized by Kree and Jeanie.

Because of my work schedule I had to fly in on Saturday, do the workshop on Sunday and fly out right away.  It was a whirlwind trip but packed full of great people and great experiences.  The workshop was held at the Art Not Terminal Gallery in the same room as the Artful Henna show.  To be surrounded by these great henna-inspired works by some of my favorite artists was very inspiring.  We had a great turnout of 15 people…enough to make it worthwhile but not so many that it became impersonal.  We started the workshop with my presentation of the history of henna in Morocco, covering various aspects of Moroccan culture and how henna is used in Morocco.  After a break Nic talked about the foundations of Moroccan henna designs with detailed explanations of the various structures and elements.  Questions and comments from the participants brought the  class to a higher level; thanks for that because it definitely added value to the class for everyone and gave us a better idea of what people want to know.  Nic did some live henna on me so that everyone could see how to get started creating an awesome henna design. 

After the class we hung out and chatted a bit.  Some people had other commitments but the rest of us went to a local dive for food and drinks, and some henna.  My tablemates were so sweet and paid for my dinner; I hope I paid them back with the henna designs I did on them.  I’ll post some photos here later.

Thanks to everyone who helped and/or participated.  The first Moor workshop was a success because of your presence.  I hope that we get the opportunity to do this workshop in other parts of the country and the world.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of this experience; I hope that we all start to see more Moroccan henna designs posted on HennaTribe, and that more of our henna clients request Moroccan designs.

If you want to post photos or a review of the class feel free to do it in the comments.  Feel free to link to photo albums in Facebook, Flickr etc. 

If  you are in the Northeast US and would be interested in attending a Moor workshop, please post in the comments or email us.  We are looking to organize a workshop in NYC in October.

More from the Moroccan Tashelheet Wedding (via Life in Marrakesh)

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More henna…all I did was ask for it. Yay, thanks!! Awesome report, awesome photos.

More from the Moroccan Tashelheet Wedding Where were we?  Oh yes, we were following a joyful musical Berber wedding procession down a dusty dirt road. Kenzilisa over at asked if I had any pictures of henna.  As you may know, in Morocco women decorate their hands with henna for special occasions.  In this little procession, all the hands were clapping… There were lots of smiling faces… Here comes the rosewater… Now we are in the front yard of the bride … Read More

via Life in Marrakesh