About Nic and Lisa

Lisa Butterworth (“Kenzi”)
Brooklyn, NY
Lisa traces her passion for henna to the time she spent living and working in Morocco. Her travels throughout Morocco and elsewhere in the world have instilled in her a deep curiosity and appreciation for diverse cultures, arts, traditions, and history. A self-taught professional henna artist, Lisa’s love of Moroccan design is reflected in her henna work, into which she also incorporates traditional and contemporary influences from other cultures. While Lisa’s style is deeply rooted in tradition, it is also entirely modern, often referred to as “psychedelic amoeba.”
Lisa’s experience is as vast as her influences. Her work has been seen in films (Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour; Jonathan Demme’s The Manchurian Candidate), on television (Erykah Badu’s MTV video “Love of my Life”), in magazines (a spread on Global Beauty for Brides), and on the runway. She works at large-scale corporate events and festivals (Bulgari, HBO, A&E TV, New York University, Whole Foods Market, Diabetes Research Institute, Committee to Support Rural Education for Girls in Morocco (“CSSF”)) as well as intimate weddings and parties. Lisa also offers private consultations and teaches the art of henna in workshops throughout New York City. Her motto is “crisscrossing the NYC grid hennaing all bare skin.”
Nic Tharpa Cartier
Boston, MA
Nic has had a strong interest in all forms of body art for many years, and henna fits into his passion for adornment and modification. He began teaching himself the art of henna in 1998, eventually focusing on the re-creation and preservation of traditional design styles. Nic’s work draws upon centuries-old body art traditions from all over the globe and is infused with their beauty and history. As ancient global body art traditions begin to fade in modern times, Nic strives to give them new life in his work.
Nic believes in henna on a grand scale, as his work has shown. He has done henna on runway fashion models, over-the-top brides, and scores of dancers and performers. For Nic, henna is more than just a simple decoration—it is an important way to harness the power of the body to make a statement and celebrate the beauty of the human form in all its endless varieties. Nic believes in the body as fine art, as the most accessible medium we have been given to satisfy the natural human urge for creativity.
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