K’s Moroccan belly

K's Moroccan belly by kenzilicious
K’s Moroccan belly, a photo by kenzilicious on Flickr.

What a pleasure to create something crazy and Moroccan on this big canvas. Pregnant bellies are so potent with possibilities that I find them a bit unnerving. My creativity runs for cover at the sight of all this space; I try to coax it out of hiding by asking the clients lots of questions about what she wants from her henna design. My client’s instructions to me were “random and tribal stuff all over”. Confused, I tried to tease out more information until I realized that she wanted Moroccan designs. My client is a painter who has lived in Morocco and has been very inspired by Moroccan rug designs as well as henna. I went with the idea of Moroccan rugs–which I also love with a passion–specifically the bands of design that are a common feature especially in the kilims from the north of Morocco. I also wanted to stay away from a radial and centered design on her belly which is very common. I think that I definitely got the “random” that she asked for.

I had a blast doing this design while pumping my client for information about her experiences in Morocco. She was thrilled with what I channeled for her and I hope that she and her baby will always be protected from the evil eye!


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