Moor NYC Workshop debrief

Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon with a workshop hangover, but the kind of hangover where you smile a lot and hope that others are suffering similarly.  What’s on my mind today is something that Nic and I talked about over drinks last night, long after the workshop.  We both noticed that the most common reaction from our workshop participants is a big, flashing lightbulb.  We keep hearing comments along the lines of “oh I get it now!”, “I see how Moroccan designs are created and I feel like I can do it now!”  and “I always thought these designs were impossible but something clicked and I understand them now.”

Yes, this is exactly what a teacher hopes for but it’s rare that one gets this kind of clear feedback. We heard that a lot after our Seattle workshop and we saw evidence that this was true when the workshop participants started playing around with designs and posting them.  Yes, hot damn, they DID get it!  The same comments came out of our NYC workshop as well and we’re waiting with bated breath to see the designs that these lovely people are going to churn out.

We’re totally thrilled to have succeeded, with the few people we have taught so far, in infecting them with our passion for Moroccan henna designs and culture, but also with the confidence and the knowledge that they can whip out awesome Moroccan henna designs without fear.  Nic’s design manual in the book, and also his section of the workshop is worth the price of admission; even though I have sat through it several times and read that section of the book hundreds of times, I would pay to go through it again. Each time I listen I make new discoveries about Moroccan henna that positively impact my work as an artist.

Thanks to all the workshop participants who came yesterday.  Your energy, passion and inquisitiveness really amped up the quality for everyone there.  I hope that you will post your photos and let us know how you are progressing.  Also, please keep us posted on your efforts to spread the good word about Moroccan henna to clients and friends and students.


One Response to “Moor NYC Workshop debrief”

  1. Hi Nic! and Lisa! We all had the same reaction when Nic came out in November to teach us the workshop in Riverside, CA via the Southern California Henna Guild gathering. It’s so clear now, so demystified. I used to painstakingly copy Moroccan designs and now I feel I can create them or alter them on the spot to suit my henna-ee, which is how I usually work, creating something custom on-the-spot. About to order the book on blurb and will show it to some of the artists who didn’t make the workshop. Thanks for the great teaching and looking forward to getting the book to practice more. I booked a gig for New Year’s Eve with a Moroccan theme, so I’m excited to feature the designs, and hopefully the book if it comes in time.
    Happy Henna Holidays to you! Thanks again, Katy

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