Moor Workshop in Seattle was a blast!!

The very first Moor Moroccan Henna Master Class is behind us and left us with a happy glow.  Nic and I travelled to Seattle for this workshop which was held on August 21st as part of the Artful Henna exhibit organized by Kree and Jeanie.

Because of my work schedule I had to fly in on Saturday, do the workshop on Sunday and fly out right away.  It was a whirlwind trip but packed full of great people and great experiences.  The workshop was held at the Art Not Terminal Gallery in the same room as the Artful Henna show.  To be surrounded by these great henna-inspired works by some of my favorite artists was very inspiring.  We had a great turnout of 15 people…enough to make it worthwhile but not so many that it became impersonal.  We started the workshop with my presentation of the history of henna in Morocco, covering various aspects of Moroccan culture and how henna is used in Morocco.  After a break Nic talked about the foundations of Moroccan henna designs with detailed explanations of the various structures and elements.  Questions and comments from the participants brought the  class to a higher level; thanks for that because it definitely added value to the class for everyone and gave us a better idea of what people want to know.  Nic did some live henna on me so that everyone could see how to get started creating an awesome henna design. 

After the class we hung out and chatted a bit.  Some people had other commitments but the rest of us went to a local dive for food and drinks, and some henna.  My tablemates were so sweet and paid for my dinner; I hope I paid them back with the henna designs I did on them.  I’ll post some photos here later.

Thanks to everyone who helped and/or participated.  The first Moor workshop was a success because of your presence.  I hope that we get the opportunity to do this workshop in other parts of the country and the world.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of this experience; I hope that we all start to see more Moroccan henna designs posted on HennaTribe, and that more of our henna clients request Moroccan designs.

If you want to post photos or a review of the class feel free to do it in the comments.  Feel free to link to photo albums in Facebook, Flickr etc. 

If  you are in the Northeast US and would be interested in attending a Moor workshop, please post in the comments or email us.  We are looking to organize a workshop in NYC in October.


2 Responses to “Moor Workshop in Seattle was a blast!!”

  1. I attended the workshop and for the first time I feel like I have a truly discerning eye where it comes to a henna design. Moroccan style, particularly Fesi, has always been my favorite style. After the workshop I have a better understanding of how designs are built and why they’re built that way – on a large scale I can review a design and see where it is ‘true’, and where it is more fusion. On a micro scale, I know why there are dots! There is a reason the designs unfold in the way they do and now as I execute a Moroccan design I have an order in which to lay it down, rather than winging it.

    It was absolutely worth the money paid (and then some!) to get to sit in space with Kenzi and Nic, share their excitement and expertise; the dessert was watching them work, in person.

    Both explained patiently and in a relaxed way through many distractions including late arrivals (one of which was me!), videotaping, loud, squeaky chairs – they never missed a beat. The format was structured and made sense but was relaxed – it was easy to chime in with questions without disrupting the presentation.

    I feel that even though I’ve not yet purchased or read their book on Moroccan henna, I still have an advantage when it comes to executing a beautiful, authentic design. I highly recommend moving heaven and earth to attend this workshop if you feel in any way connected to Moroccan style henna designs, or wish to help to preserve this artform.

  2. PS – Lisa, you more than paid back for your dinner with our designs, we LOVED them, thank you so much!

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