Moroccan henna for mommies

A fellow henna friend and Moroccan henna enthusiast sent me this photo which I just love,  if only for the blissful smile on the woman’s face.  Women in Morocco will take advantage of any happy occasion to get henna.  In the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy a woman will have her hands and feet hennaed like a bride.  Henna protects mother and child from evil because of its inherent baraka but also the symbols in the henna designs add another layer of protection at this very important transitional time in the lives of both the mother and the baby. The woman in the photo is probably hennaed in celebration of the baby’s naming ceremony; if the henna was from her 7th or 8th month of pregnancy it would surely have faded by the time the child arrived.

I also love the grim look on the face of the older woman which seems to be saying, “oh girl, you’re in for a challenge now!”


One Response to “Moroccan henna for mommies”

  1. She DOES look pretty somber and over it all. ha ha … such a nice photo … such a happy looking mom.

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